Woke up early today. It’s saturday! Normally i will go back to sleep right after solat subuh but today i have an early mission to accomplish. Beratur. Yes, lining up. Not for movie tickets, not for breakfast.

For making a Malaysian passport.

Not mine obviously since i already have. For my sister in law and her daughters.

You see, it’s normal in Malaysia to lined up before a public office opens up. Especially the imigrations department. I’m in Pekan Rabu now and the line can go waaaaaaay back until the very end of the building which is very very far. They’re here for the same objective as mine, making or renewing a passport. I can say i’m a bit lucky today since there are only about 50 ppl infront of me. So confirm can get number for my sister in law.

Question, what about other countries ya? Do they have the same routine as us here in Malaysia? Lining up very early in the morning to get the numbers when the office will only open in 2-3 hours time.

Well, i think i need to sit.


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