Nihon Kohden

Another night at the hospital. Taking care of my old man. Papa’s condition got worse this morning. He can’t breathe at all. His oxygen level drops tremendously. We’re afraid. Afraid of losing him.

Somehow there’s infection in his lungs. The cause is still unknown. The full report should be ready the next morning. I hope. Only then we’ll know what’s the cause for it.

Papa has been taking antibiotics since 10am I guess. To kill off the infection. And he’s breathing through the help of a machine.

I really hope he gets better 2mrw. He’s 63 already. It’s really sad looking at him like this.

Ya Allah. Please give papa strength & good health. Amin.


2 thoughts on “Nihon Kohden”

  1. doa ku pohon pada Illahi supaya bapamu sembuh secepat mungkin, insya Allah.
    pada anak2nya selalu lah ada di sisi nya krn di hospital tempat asing, kurankan kerisauannya yg tidak tentu arah (bayangkan tak pernah tidor ditempat lain sebelum ini).
    prihatin pada orang tua mu. salam dari puan jahra

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