2nd night at the hospital. No, it’s not Arwen. It’s my dad. He has difficulties breathing. Doctor said there’s fluid in his lungs. That’s not good.

I haven’t stayed in Hospital Sultanah Aminah (HSA) for a very long time. The last time was that time when he went for a bypass, I was here for at least 2 weeks. Sleeping at the hospital has never been a problem to me. Chairs, corridors, tiles, sofas, you name it. I’ve tried them all.

All seems to be the same as I remember it. Young doctors and nurses. Old folks. Kids running around. Same old smell. Same old bed. Same old hospitality.

Young nurses and doctors here seems to care less about the patients. Seems like they’re just fulfilling their shift. There’s no passion. There’s no love. Aren’t hospital staffs should treat the patients nicely. Treat them as king and queen even. Heck I don’t see that. To be frank, they’re not friendly at all. WTF is happening man? I’m not a nurse, not even a doctor, but I know how to respect people, love them, passionate about them. What’s wrong with us? Aren’t we human?

My dad is a strong man. He was in the army once. He can drive straight to Penang from JB without a pit stop. Although he has gone through so many medical difficulties, he is still strong.

Hope he recovered soon. Be strong papa, we’re always here for you.


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