ice maker 3000

I am known as the ice maker. I am ice maker 3000. The most powerful ice maker there is in the market. You’ll never run out of ice ever again. I don’t need electricity nor batteries. I don’t run on solar power or even gas. I ran on oxygen and water.

You don’t need to worry about your ice, I will take care of it. All you need to know is it’s there when you need it.

We all should be ice makers. The next human evolution should be human that can produce ice. Or maybe we can do a hybrid between a human being and an aftermarket ice maker to be the ultimate ice maker machine.

We don’t ever have to be worried about running out of ice. We are the ice maker. The weather is hot? No problem! We have ice! We can produce it ourselves. Just drink some water and that’s it. Everything else is automatically done.

That will be so cool! šŸ™‚

I am Ice Maker 3000.


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