Ward’s shower is awesome!

Was here at Puteri Specialist Hospital since yesterday. Arwen was warded because she had pneumonia. Is that the right word? I guess, no time to google for it. She had a very hard time sleeping on Monday night. Hardly sleep at all because she had trouble breathing. The next day we brought her to her doctor & she was quickly warded. First time for Arwen. 2nd time for mommy to have a sleep over in the ward. 🙂

The children’s ward is so cozy. Not dull like the adult’s wards. Dull plain paint. Urghhh! Ehehehe.. She was under the care of Dr Ismail Haron. Her trusted doctor. 🙂

Sleeping in the ward is very peaceful. But cold! Very, very cold! Since I like to wear shorts wherever I go, I had to wear kain pelekat over my body to restrain the cold of the aircon. Woke up very early because Arwen had to take her medication every 4 hours. Solat subuh & take care of Arwen.

Her doctor told us if Arwen’s condition is getting better, she can discharge later in the evening. InsyaAllah, Arwen will get better!

Actually she doesn’t look sick at all! Always playful & cheerful. Ade je bende die nk main.

Later aight, wanna take Arwen to play in the play room!


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