Theory of life

it’s been a while.

life as i used to know it has changed.

why are we here? what is our purpose?

we ask complicated things about life. we ask complicated things about everything else.

makes you wonder though. does it worth it?

as a human we have been pre-programmed to do whatever that we do now. we eat, sleep, go to work, have a family, buy a car, etc. all those things have been pre-programmed. so are we pre-programmed too to kill people? to hate each other? to start a war? yes, those are pre-programmed too but we have a choice to choose which is bad & which are wrong.

i’m in no position to judge anyone. i’m a human being too & human made mistakes. i learned that first hand.

have you ever wondered what would be like if suddenly snow falls in Malaysia? A lot of people will die. There are still people practically living inside boxes in this part of the world. There are still people in Malaysia who doesn’t know what rice taste like not because they don’t want to eat rice, but because they can’t afford it.

is it just me or is the earth has become hotter than what it used to be? i really can’t stand the heat. this is not healthy. not healthy at all.

things will never be the same. wether we like it or not.


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