long gone but not forgotten

i just watched the p. ramlee biography on the history channel. on my pc. i rarely watch tv nowadays. don’t have the opportunity. don’t have the time. to those who did. lucky you.

p ramlee

after watching his biography, i learned a few things;

  1. as human beings we only appreciate things that were already lost.
  2. when you are successful, there will always be people ready to backstab you because of envy.
  3. no matter how good you are or how much you’ve done, when you’re not wanted; you’ll be treated like trash.
  4. never look down on people simply because we need each other.
  5. never forget your family & friends.
  6. help someone who is need in whatever things that we can.
  7. be brave and passionate in things that we do.
  8. be nice to everybody even though we’re in pain.

to me, p ramlee has given a very good example to us. he has given a very high standard to people in the entertainment industry. be passionate in things that we do. don’t just do things because we think it’s right, do things because it is the right thing to do.

i don’t think we have achieve to his level yet. nope. i don’t see anyone brave enough or passionate enough.

it’s good to know that he was once the best there is. may Allah bless his soul.



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