Nusa Bayu: Ten Ten Ten

Looks like a lot of people are interested in Nusa Bayu development! Kewl! That means more leads! Which then turns to sales!

The marketing strategy of Nusa Bayu development is a bit different from other UEM Land’s developments. It’s targeted towards the group which supposedly wanted to search/buy a house for the 1st time. A single man/woman working in Singapore maybe, or a newly wed wanted to start fresh at a new place, or a family with 1st child, or maybe a group of friends looking for a place to stay close to their working place. Even though the marketing strategy is carved that way, it doesn’t mean the rest can’t purchase the house. Everybody can except non-Malaysian people I guess, because they can’t buy a house with a price tag below than RM500K.

Well anyway, I’m not gonna talk much about the idea of Nusa Bayu.

On 10th October 2010, UEM Land will host a site event at Nusa Bayu. Yeap! A site event! FYI, Nusa Bayu was launched on the 26th September 2010 during our Mega Raya 2010 event at Nusajaya Centre. I know a lot of you missed the event. Well don’t you worry now, the house is still on sale & yes there will be another makan2 event this time it’s in Nusa Bayu itself.

If you ever took the 2nd link highway towards Pontian, you will see the works at the site. I think you can already see some banners, buntings & billboards on Nusa Bayu & Nusa Bayu site event along the 2nd link highway.

So make yourself available because everybody is invited. Bring your family & friends together & let’s celebrate Nusa Bayu! 😀 See you guys there!

p/s: I will keep you informed if there are any news & updates.


6 thoughts on “Nusa Bayu: Ten Ten Ten”

    1. Dear Shaf ,

      The show house of Nusa Bayu is located at Gelang Patah but it is next to the highway exactly . If you drive from Jusco Bukit Indah – towards to Pontian .On the highway , you can see the Nusa Bayu on your right hand side.

      Thanks .

      Lee Irene
      Sales Executive Nusajaya – Nusa Idaman & Nusa Bayu

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