The truth about our roads

Like many Malaysian, I use the road to get me places. Be it with my own car, public transportation, friends’ bike, etc. In my case, now that I live in JB, I have very few choices for mode of transportation. Which means, I have to drive my car to go where I wanna go. Work, send my wife to work, send my daughter to nursery, jalan2 carik makan, makan angin, etc. Most of the time, I will use my car.

I’m not here to talk about my car or my friends’ bike or even my inline skates. I wanna share with you guys the pain that I am suffering everyday. The road. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a new illness. It’s not a new breed of infection. It’s our ROAD. Which everyone of us uses everyday. I know most of you feel the same too, hey I don’t blame you. It’s there! It’s everywhere!

I have suffered a lot of “SAKIT HATI” since I own a car. Everybody will. I don’t know man. It’s kinda weird if you think about it isn’t it? You will wonder “how the hell that this happens?”. THEY should give us better roads. Please… give us better roads. Don’t just give out tenders to fix loops & holes here & there but never to check, analyse on the cause why the loops & holes are there at the first place! If it needs to be fixed, then please fixed it properly. I know we’re not Singapore or United Kingdom or United States, but please… please make better roads.


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