Nusa Bayu: Photo Updates

Hey guys, I’m back at the office since yesterday. Eid was fun! For the 1st time, Arwen beraya!!! πŸ™‚ Gosh I miss the rendang, lodeh, masak merah already…

We’ll get back to Raya later aight… Wanna share you some photo updates of Nusa Bayu development… These photos were taken during the Ramadhan month… have a look!

Nusa Bayu Office
Nusa Bayu Office - Bamboo trees @ backyard
Nusa Bayu Office
Nusa Bayu Office - Work in progress
Nusa Bayu Gallery
Nusa Bayu - The gallery
Nusa Bayu
work in progress
Nusa Bayu
work in progress @ the gallery
Nusa Bayu
the house external
Nusa Bayu
the house external
Nusa Bayu
reflection of what we drove the other day. thanks FM!
Nusa Bayu
the house internal
Nusa Bayu
the house internal
Nusa Bayu
the backroom
Nusa Bayu
the kitchen
Nusa Bayu
the stairs
Nusa Bayu
the lawn
Nusa Bayu
the house external

Well there you go. Please come over to our official launch on 26th September 2010 (Nusajaya Centre) & site event on 10th October 2010 (Nusa Bayu). πŸ™‚


64 thoughts on “Nusa Bayu: Photo Updates”

    1. hey apai1810!

      thanks for dropping by & selamat hari raya!

      please do so, everybody is invited to the mega raya! early bird discount? yeap! so you have to be pretty early then… πŸ˜€

  1. Hi,

    We are interested but had missed the launching last Sunday. me and wife went there yesterday and quite interested with the sorroundings. Unfortunately, the guards told us its only open during office hours Mon to Fri, which is beyond our available timing.

    Can you help to provide more details – ie the floor plan and price? We woul like to know more about this place

    Fyi, myself and wife is currently staying in Nusa Perdana apartment, and also searching for available and nice area such as Nusa Bayu. Maybe you can introuce to us other options if available?


    1. Hi Wan & Yus,

      The site event in Nusa Bayu will be on the 10th October 2010. Please come over! There are lots of fun activities & premium prizes to be won! You can also visit the showhouse on that day & book for a unit perhaps! πŸ˜€

      The food is gonna be great. I heard they will be promoting local food that represents 1Malaysia. Also heard that AC Mizal will make his appearence.

      So make yourself available & bring over your families & friends!

      Hope to see you there! πŸ˜€

  2. Hi all,

    Yes, there will be a lot of fun activities.
    dont forget to bring along spare clothes.. πŸ™‚

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more further information.

    thank you.

  3. Hi, I am interest in the house, seem nice.
    May i know where is this Nusa bayu located?
    How big is this house?
    what is the actual price? Ermm Is the price including all
    the legal fee, stamp duty, disbursement of transfer and
    progressing interest?
    Much appreciate if i can get your reply…..



    Yen Siew

    1. Hi Yen,

      1stly thank you for dropping by.

      FYI. This Sunday, 10th October 2010 will be the site event for Nusa Bayu. Do come over to our event to witness yourself the development of Nusa Bayu.

      It’s really simple to go to Nusa Bayu. Take the 2nd link highway from Taman Perling & go straight to the Pontian route. You will see banners, buntings & billboards along the road.

      Hope to see you there to enjoy the houses, food & company! πŸ™‚

  4. hi,
    was the site along the highway where it was a part of oil palm plantation.
    i did saw one but looks out of the way fm public transport. regards++

    1. dear Jahra,

      If you come from perling Road & just straight away to Pontian, the location of Nusa Bayu is on the right side, and yes it’s located in oil palm plantation.

      May drop me an email for more details. πŸ™‚


  5. Dear All,

    Come to visit our showhouse if you free , we can assist you . Our Nusa Bayu sales gallery haven’t started yet , so you need to come to Nusa Idaman sales gallery . Then , we can fetch you to the show room .

    The house is 20’x60′ – double storey terrace house . But , I can say the space look like 20′ x 70′ houses. The master bedroom is big enough.

    my email :

    We have sold 35units now….. next phase going to increase another RM10k . Don’t waste your time and come to take a look now.

    Lee Irene
    Sale Executive Nusajaya – Nusa Idaman & Nusa Bayu
    H/P : 014-315 1618

  6. hi,
    is the showroom opened on weekends? i was on the highway heading to pontian 2 weeks ago and saw your place on my right hand side but couldnt find the exit to get there. i did see buntings, flags and what looked like blocked-by-plastic barrier ‘exit’though. can you point me to the right direction? tq.

  7. Dear Fauzi-maya ,

    The highway we going to temporarily open during Friday , Saturday & Sunday but when is it we don’t have any idea now. You can come to our Nusa Idaman Sales Office first then I bring you to the site .

    It is a Better way for us to bring you in .

    Thanks and have a nice day !

    Lee Irene
    H/P : 014-3151618
    Email :

  8. hi…interested….based on the pics.provided.. xnampak pulak type of ‘pagar’ yang digunakan.. may i know what type of ‘pagar’? yg hijau tu ker pakai batu? reply ya…

  9. hi…juz nk share…i dah bli umah nie…cantik tau….x sabar nk tunggu siap….ujung minggu time nk blk gelang patah mesti tgk progress umah nie…=)

  10. Dear All ,

    For your information , Nusa Bayu still left few units for you to choose . Don’t miss the chance , we will launch our 2nd April and the price will be increase soon.

    Best Regards ,

    Lee Irene
    H/P : 014-315 1618
    Email :

    1. irene,
      the last time i had a difficult time to find this place as i took a bus fm singapore fm the second link..
      no way to there by public transport…..
      as dont own a car…

      1. If you want to go to Nusa Bayu , you need to use the Pontian Link Highway .

        We will open exit/ access from the highway on Fri , Sat & Sun. If you still unsure the place , you may contact our sales staff .

        If you don’t have car , and wish to see the showhouse . You can go to Jusco Bukit Indah , we can fetch you there.

        Thanks ,

        Regards ,

        Lee Irene
        Sales Executive of Nusajaya
        H/P : 014-3151618

    1. Hi Eason,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. You can go directly to Nusa Bayu Sales Office. If you’re from the 2nd link, just drive through the Johor Bahru/Pasir Gudang road. You will see a left exit there to Nusa Bayu. The sales people will gladly assist you. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi miss lee,

      1stly thanks for visiting my blog. From what I’ve heard from the Nusa Bayu sales team, phase 3B will be complete in early August. FYI, 3C is in the works too. πŸ™‚

  11. hi,
    pls advise the price for any new lauches at nusa bayu.
    can you pls update the latest photos as the one in yr blog is more than a yr ago. thanks n brgds

  12. Its all are 20x 60 design? When the house will be complete . Maybe this thursday I will planning to c the show house. I got few friend also interest to buy the new house.
    Any info Please update me. Thank you

      1. Hi Joey,

        The price for corner lot is currently at 300++K. If you’re interested I can ask a salesperson to contact you. BTW, they’re gonna launch a new phase 2A this year Q1 which is bigger than previous houses.

  13. Hi,

    I would like to know more about the shoplot. May I know more detail about that and which phrase going to launch and the price? Thanks much much….

  14. Hai….can I get the floor plan for phase 3e and will the mosque be ready when the houses are ready to be cheked in ?

    Thank you

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