Buka puasa @ The Ledang, Nusajaya

Last Wednesday wifey & her office mates organized a buka puasa at The Ledang, Nusajaya just opposite my office. I heard great things about this place. Mostly about the food. So, it’s a good time to test it out then.

In my previous entry, I have publish the Ramadhan buffet promotion at The Ledang. So guys, if you’re into Ramadhan buffet. Go ahead. It is worth every penny. So the promotion is like this, RM 100 for 2 pax + 2 pax free! If you do the math it’s RM 25 for 4 pax. It’s cheap, right? You might say, cheap price, maybe the food is also cheap. Well you are wrong. It’s not like those Ramadhan buffet in Singgah Selalu or JB Catering, this is a proper hotel/resort establishment ya’ll! Owh BTW, The Ledang is a clubhouse for East Ledang & Ledang Heights residences.

I didn’t bring my camera along that day. Jawer, this guy from wifey’s workplace take some pictures. No pictures of the food though, just people; happy, stuffed people. :)

The Ledang

The Ledang

The Ledang

Check out the food on the table man...

The Ledang

The ones who joined

The Ledang

gelpren Firdaus koooootttttt...

The Ledang

I wonder why the table is clear

The Ledang

The name on the table is the one in peach

The Ledang

Arwen! :)

The Ledang

Mummy! :)

The Ledang

Arwen buat muke... ehhehehe...

The Ledang

Ma' lovely family

The Ledang

Balek laaaaa...

The Ledang

Senyum kenyang

The Ledang

Beraksi sebelom balek

There you go! Hopefully to be here again, so I can shoot some food pictures! :) Anyway, selamat berbuka puasa to everybody.

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    • ur_nos
    • August 1st, 2012

    how much plak kalo sorang.. i mean kalo datang secara ganjil…. cam 5 org ke apa ke…

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