Tuesday Night Fever

Arwen’s having a slight fever since yesterday. The teacher @ her nursery called yesterday at 4+pm informing of Arwen’s condition.

Rushed out to pickup mummy at her office then head straight to pickup Arwen. Brought her to see the doctor quickly after that.

She’s not going to school today. Take care yea sayang. Get well soon. Mummy & daddy sayang Arwen sangat2.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Fever”

  1. Hi, was googling for the name “arwen” and bumped into your blog. Your daughter has almost the same name as mine, Aryanna Arwen. dekat2 lah tu kan? heheh. how’s the name going for you? even after almost 2 years i still have a hard time getting people to pronounce it correctly. Jadi Ar-when lah, Arween lah

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