Have you heard of the newest iteration of Google’s Android operating system? It is called Froyo and will be installed in the following generation of Android based devices along with those upgradable to this version.

  • Among new features that present in the design there is an Android icon greeting at start-up and a new homescreen widget. While there are indeed some differences in the aesthetic look of the interface still users will not be confused and their experience will remain the same.
  • The rumors that Froyo will allow users to turn their handsets into hotspot has been confirmed and it is applicable to Wi-Fi iPads as well. Still, it has not been confirmed yet whether any Android carrier will support tethering.
  • Froyo is up to 5 times faster than Éclair due to a compiler. Besides, Google’s also claiming that Froyo has the world’s fastest mobile browser, period.
  • Android 2.2 supports Flash 10.1.
  • Among other advantages is the update feature that eliminates any need to tether your handset to the computer when an application is downloaded. The update is installed automatically over the air to the Android device.
  • You’ll also be able to stream your (non-DRM) iTunes library wirelessly to your Froyo phone.

Nexus One users will be among first to have Froyo update. Others are not guaranteed as long as it is up to the carriers and OEMs


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