hot or spicy sir?

hot! real hot! the meteorologist said it’s normal to be hot on the month of February… i don’t remember myself sunken in ice cold water everyday on February… it’s hot man! can’t u guys feel it? u know what it means? it means we’re not doing things the right way! yeap! this is all our fault… who else? don’t u dare go to the zoo & slap the monkey telling them it’s their fault the world is gettin’ hotter & hotter every year… don’t purposely stop giving your pets food to telling them it’s their fault… it’s our fault man… can’t u see? or just too lazy to realize it… human…

HMmmMmm… since we’re so called the only inteligent being in the universe, why don’t we think of something to stop this… stop hurting the earth… this is the only home we have… please…


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