what’s my avatar?


watched avatar last nite @ home with wifey… no i don’t buy pirated DVDs… i download the movie through the internet… it’s a TS copy so, the video & audio is not at their best… it’s watchable though… but not a keeper… will wait for the proper release… then i’ll download it… or maybe lanun will… owh btw lanun is zukefli abd aziz… a colleague where i work for the past 2 years… he’s very funny… very cheerful… very friendly… & very close to his friends… 🙂 great dawg! keepin’ it real!

what do i think of avatar? it’s a very kewl movie… definitely… james cameron was doing the right thing waiting for what? 15 years? back then there is no such technology that can mimic on human movement very well… 3D was actually 2D that is twisted around…

the 3D animation is just superb… a must watch for those who haven’t watched it yet… the cast was great…sam worthington, the guy from terminator salvation could be the next big thing after christian bale… he can act well…

hope to see more from him & james cameron… keep making great movies guys… 🙂


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