JaLaN2 CaRi MaKaN: RoTi JoHN

Roti John has been one of my favorite food since I taste it during my childhood… a very… very long time ago… one of the best Roti John i’ve tasted so far is my late mom’s roti john… there are a couple though in Bandar Baru UDA & pasar malam larkin which serves authentic roti john, not those with black pepper sauce & such; but none can compare to my late mom’s roti john… i’ve yet to perfect the art of making roti john, but as always i will try to experiment with the knowledge that i learned from my late mom… ūüôā

a perfect roti john should be thick with eggs, not the bread… even the bread itself must be choose wisely… the softer the bread… the better… not too much¬†¬†mince meat… just enough to make you crave for more… the spices should be really mild because you don’t want your roti john to taste like garlic bread or any spiced bread… a perfect roti john is tasty even without the¬†mayonnaise¬†& chilli sauce… in fact with mayonnaise & chilli sauce, it will create a very beautiful sensation on your taste buds… yeap! trust me on this… this is the perfect… authentic roti john!

if you happen to be in Johor Bahru, try to find these authentic roti john experts;

1. a stall near Taman Permainan Padi Ria, Bandar Baru UDA
2. a stall at Pasar Malam Larkin, his stall is always near to Yong Tau Foo stall (Sunday only)


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