Diaper Theory: Newborn diapers challenge

just woke up at 12 o’clock… wifey woke me up cause it’s time to change Arwen’s diaper… yeap! change it indeed so that she feels comfortable to sleep… not with sticky poo or shee shee yucky eeky feeling on her butt…

since arwen was born, we have tested a couple of brands of diapers… example are as such;

MamyPoko for newborn

Pampers for newborn

*One brand given by the hospital, can’t remember the name

Huggies for newborn

in my personal opinion, huggies is the best so far… it’s really comfortable for my daughter… it has padded straps on the front… the inner of the diaper is really soft & comfortable… it has this anti-rash technology thingy so that your baby won’t get any diaper-base rashes… price wise… it’s cheaper than mamypoko… mamypoko in the other hand is comfortable too… design wise it is more to the traditional type of diaper… i mean… the type which you already know what to expect on a newborn diaper… plus… it’s the biggest newborn diaper size i’ve seen so far…

don’t use pampers for newborn… it’s leaky… as you know, newborn tend to poo & wet their diapers a lot… & they sleep a lot… which is hard to know when it is time to change their diaper… by the time you need to change it (cause the baby is crying), which is already too late… the leakage will dirty the clothes, the place where your baby sleeps, etc, etc… so yeahh… don’t use pampers..

as a new dad… just about 1 month… i find that my daughter Arwen is happier with Huggies… i know this is subjective… but, as long as she is comfortable… i will sure use huggies instead of other brands… 🙂 right Arwen? eheehehehehe…


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