Malaysia beat Timor-Leste (FIFA ranking:198) 11 – 0? Wow! i mean… wow! congratulations… after the frustrating “you don’t have the permission to land” thingy yesterday maybe they wanna lepas geram by drowning Timor-Leste… i was a bit shocked when i heard that Timor-Leste is playing… haven’t heard from them for a while… like a plain silence… they are still relatively new… they make a debut on March 2003 qualifying for 2004 Asian Cup if i’m not mistaken… well they lose of course… but hey… they’re still new…

to the Malaysian team… don’t you guys go enjoying yourselves too much after winning the first match… there is still Vietnam, Cambodia & musuh tradisi Thailand… those are the real team that you need to face and prove that you guys can still play football… well anyway, just wait & see… i don’t have high hopes though for the Malaysian team… not to say I don’t support them… i dunno… they just simply do not “shine”… good luck anyway…


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