RaDZi+FaSHa+aRWeNRaYNa would like to wish everybody “SeLaMaT HaRi RaYa aiDiLaDHa”! remember… family’s first! always… 😀


Arwen is 7 days (1 week) already… had her 1st visit to the doctor today… everything went well… alhamdulillah… has a follow-up checkup on the 30th Nov 2009… Mummy & daddy sayang Arwen sangat2… Arwen cepat2 besar, kuat & sehat yea syg… cam iklan Milo pulak… MAEuAHeuHAUheuahe!!!

i’m going to the Pasar Borong Pandan today to find some stuff for tomorrow… guess it’s gonna be packed! cause it’s Aidiladha tomorrow… everybody should be doing their last minute shopping for groceries & stuff to cook tomorrow… well, that includes me of course… 😀

well then… see you in a bit!


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