What do I think of Malaysian drivers?

Malaysian drivers
Malaysian drivers

I’m fucked up with road users in Malaysia… especially in JB… well because I spend most of my driving in JB roads other than other states in Malaysia… but yes… I do hate them… well in Malaysia we drove right handed cars right? most asian countries do… so it’s logical that the right lane will be the fastest lane right? you think so? no! the answer is no! it’s not always the fastest lane even on the highway… wanna know which lane is the fastest? glad you ask… the lane that was not supposed to be a lane… be it an emergency lane, unpaved lane, even grass & soil on the farthest reach of the road… yes… that’ll be the fastest lane… fuck that man… you guys are the one who make the road less safety… this is what happens when we are not being thought to respect people… this is normal in Malaysia… people cut queues on the roads, in the canteen/cafe, when going up the bus… hey… they cut queues everywhere! whenever, wherever they see a queue… they will cut them! what’s wrong with you people? what’s wrong of being respectful to each other? what’s wrong obeying the law? what’s wrong of being safe?

we need to change what’s being taught at the driving schools… there should be an IQ test & physiological test when anyone wants to have their driving license… anybody who fail these tests should never be given the authority to have a driving license… i agree that we can drive, but we need to change on how our people think & act on the roads… some of them are totally fuckers… some of them are total idiots… which makes you wondered how on earth that these fuckers get their driving license..

another thing to consider is please put on automatic cameras, speed traps, etc on Malaysian roads… stop using manual/traditional way of doing speed traps by placing policemen on the roads… please… this is not effective at all… do like what Singapore do… they put cameras, speed traps everywhere! which makes their drivers more polite on the roads… which makes them obey the safety laws on the roads… simple isn’t it? i mean it’s normal for humans to not do things which will in turn make us suffer… in this case… being summoned by the authority… then make them as attractive as ever… the summonses… maximum RM1000 with 1 year jail, etc… people will definately stop abusing the roads… seriously they will… this is the only way we can control on how people acts & thinks on the roads…

& lastly… the authorities… should build our roads better! no holes… sudden bumps… you know what i’m talking about right? yea… that should change… please… fix them properly… quickly… & who ever is looking after this.. please do your job… take a look at the roads these fuckers are making… especially jalan bandaran… please… fix them… build proper roads…


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