Hey guys… good evening… how’s ur puasa so far? doin’ great huh? niceeeee… hope u guys are doin well & don’t forget the solat tarawikh yea… & yea… zakat fitrah of course… please do your responsibility… 🙂

When i was @ the masjid the other day paying my zakat fitrah, i asked the amil wether i need to pay zakat fitrah for our baby which is now 7 months… the amil asked if wifey had delivered or not… & i answered wifey is still 7 months pregnant… then he said, i don’t need to pay for the baby… just me & wifey.. it’s RM 7.50 per person so total was RM 15.00… well, at least i can do for people in need… 🙂

28 weeks

ermMmmM… sorry that’s not the 3D ultrasound of our baby… i got it somewhere on the internet. well… yeap our baby is already 28 weeks which is around 7 months… me & wifey had already see & feel the kicks & turns from our baby… it’s kinda exciting feeling that something is moving inside wifey’s stomach… amazed by Allah’s powers & creation… i’m really2 happy & bersyukur for all the limpah rezeki & kurnia dari-NYA…

a bit about our baby;
>> yeap she’s gonna be a girl… XX… that’s what the Doc always say…
>> her name is… i’m not gonna tell.. well not now… 😀
>> she’s already 1kg according to the Doc…
>> she likes to meniarap whenever we went to the Doc for regular checkups… wonder where she got that from… ahaahaha… love u sayang…
>> she’s 7 months now…
>> expected due date according to the Doc is 26 November 2009…

well, that’s a bit info on her… can’t wait for her to be born.. 🙂 doakan kami yea… dimurahkan rezeki dikurniakan dengan cahaya mata yang sehat & wifey selamat melahirkan… amin…


4 thoughts on “LuCKY NuMBeR 7”

  1. hi there! came across ur blog on google when i searched for directions to baby hypermart. 🙂 i’m also 7 mths pregnant, 30 weeks, due 16 nov! kirim salam to ur wife for me yah? it’s nice reading about someone who’s also going through a similar phase. may Allah bless her pregnancy n birth. ameen. selamat berpuasa!

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