RON95 – RM 1.80 per liter from 1st September 2009


Those who think that their fuel tank refills will cost less by RM0.05 per liter because they’ve switched to RON95 as their regular fuel have to wipe their smile off their faces – the government has announced that RON95 will be priced at the old RON97 price of RM1.80 per liter from midnight onwards.

As for RON97, we already know that a price hike is imminent – it will be priced at RM2.05 per liter. RON92 has been phased out. No news about Shell V-Power for now, as it is it’s been removed from a significant amount of stations. They are probably still trying to figure out the sweet spot for pricing and planning the logistics for supply to stations.

This is expected really, considering crude oil per barrel closed US$72.75 a barrel on Friday, which is up 20% from around US$60 in July. There are various factors for this but the most quoted reasons are an improving global economy and a declining US dollar – the lower USD’s values are, the more USD you will have to pay per barrel.


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