Today! is the day the earth trembles! Today! is the day mankind will cheer to the wizardy of the pawns & knights of the english football!

AHhahaHhhaa… sorry for that… yeap! today Manchester United will face Arsenal… It’s kinda scary facing with this situation… Hopefully Sir Alex has a very good strategy up his sleeves… not to mention Arsenal has a very good team now… young talented players…

On the other hand… Chelsea will face Burnley… & I hope Burnley will win… Remember when they beat Manchester United 1-0? Let’s hope that they have the spirits to bring down Chelsea too… 😀

So… I’m out tonite with frens watching Manchester United vs Arsenal at Singgah Selalu tonight… will post up the updates later aight… with pictures I hope… 😀


Thank you reff for the penalty & thanks Diaby for the own goal… 😀 Glory! Glory! Man United!


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