what the hell happen to CIMB Clicks?

it’s been two days already… what are you guys doing lah? maintenance? server crash? link down? didn’t pay the vendor, so the vendor won’t come to do the maintenance? it’s not just your cimbclicks you know… it’s all your freakin’ business you put in the line… you’re a bank! a bank for God sake! not a kedai roti or bridal who have a website hosted somewhere in the internet… come on guys… malu lah macam ni…

cimbclicks is not available
cimbclicks is not available

2 thoughts on “what the hell happen to CIMB Clicks?”

  1. This week is the final week for me to pay my fees, and I don’t have time to go to bank for conventional banking thus cimbclicks is my only choice which is currently not available. Always getting network timeout.

  2. Cimb service teruk betul!!!! Bank punya service macam tu!!! Macam mana nak percaya dia orang protect kita punya duit….suka hati tutup website saja

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