WHaT To CooK ToDaY?

1st day of Ramadhan… I love Ramadhan… so much! Wish that every month in the calendar is Ramadhan… not just because of the fasting & tarawikh… not just because of the glorious Ramadhan bazaar food… it’s a form of cleansing our body… especially for me… i have gain weight… unnecessary weight over the last few months… this is a good time to trim down i guess… insyallah… control over things which is hard for me to control… 😀

owh BTW, wifey wants to cook Nasi Jagung today… with meat curry… i might cook ayam masak merah too if there’s a need… & to buy some kuehs at the Ramadhan bazaar… karipap here i come!!! mAUEhuAHEuAHUEhUA!!! 😀

i might be posting some Ramadhan bazaar pictures which i have been… so… you might find the interesting… yeah… interesting & mouth watering… 😀


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