CeNSoR THe iNTeRNeT? R u ouT oF uR FReaKiN’ MiND?

WTF? who the hell get the idea of censoring the internet? here in Malaysia? internet is supposed to be without borders ain’t it? you can’t change someone who is a porn addict by censoring the internet… that’s shows how stupid you are in IT baldy! what you need to do is not censor the internet… upgrade our backbone architecture so that we have 1Gbps Internet link to our homes… not those crappy Streamyx-shared-besteffort-nonofmyproblem Internet links… that is a must!

you know what you should do? brush up sex education @ school… kids are getting smarter & smarter these days… & don’t forget the Islamic studies too…

there are actually no concrete ways to censor the Internet… of porn & other stuff… to me… who gives a shit if you want to surf for porn… who gives a shit if you want to download movies & songs… it’s your freakin’ PC, your freaking’ Internet bill, your freakin’ life… it is so your call…

well then… happy downloading! đŸ˜€


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