just watched taking chance with wifey… this movie is based on a true story… here is the synopsis taken at IMDB…

Taking Chance
Taking Chance

“In April, 2004, casualties mount in Iraq. At Quantico, choices focus on increasing troop strength or only replacing casualties. Lt. Col. Mike Strobl crunches numbers. Stung by his superior’s rejection of his recommendation because he lacks recent combat experience, Strobl volunteers for escort duty, accompanying the remains Pfc. Chance Phelps, killed at 19. From Dover to Philadelphia by hearse, from there to Minneapolis and on to Billings by plane, and then by car to Phelps’ Wyoming home – person after person pays respects. Kind words, small gifts, and gratitude are given Strobl to deliver to the family on this soul-searching journey. What are his own discoveries?”

to whoever who haven’t watch this movie… i don’t wanna say you have to watch it… it’s not a box-office movie but the message that the movie was trying to deliver to us is very simple yet effective. it makes me wonder how us… as human beings have the heart to send somebody to war… & let him/her die… Kevin Bacon is in the movie… he takes his role very well… he’s a good actor anyway…

stop the war… respect each other… peace to the world…


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