Wifey’s is 4 months pregnant… her tummy is already visible… 😀 I’m not the only one who has a big tummy now! Less morning sickness… A little bit of nausea here and there… better than the 1st few months… yeap definately better… Dr. Noraini will do a thorough scan on wifey’s 6th months pregnancy… last Thursday’s visit was fine… Dr. Noraini told us the baby’s okay & doing well… well, pray for us guys… insyallah everything will be alright… the baby… & wifey…

BTW… we’re going to Singapore 2mrw to find a stroller & a baby’s car seat @ Baby’s Hypermart… Never heard of it? This is like haven for baby’s product… you can’t get anymore cheaper than here at this place… i’ll post up some pictures 2mrw aight… owh yea… the place is at Kaki Bukit Avenue 1… it’s searchable via Garmin Mobile XT with the latest malsingmaps map…


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