G-SHoCK: WaVe CePToR: aToMiC TiMeKeePiNG

Evening guys… is it true that we don’t have Wave Ceptor enable G-Shocks in our market? I know the nearest tower would be Japan or China… but it is still far geographically… not being able to have this feature, are the wave ceptor enable G-Shocks are here in Malaysia? or even Singapore? I did a survey on this issue… somehow every G-Shocks i came across doesn’t have this feature… HMmMmMm… so is it true? even though we have wave ceptor enable watches… we still can’t sync to the atomic timekeeping.. is it? HMmMmMmm…

if you have any info about this… please drop me a message aight… thank you! 😀


There’s no way we’re going to have this service in Malaysia or Singapore. So all our G-Shocks and Baby-Gs here will not have the wave ceptor functionality.


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