Hey guys… evening… sorry for being too quiet these past few days… as you may already know, I’m quite a busy man… If even I’m not busy… I will make myself look busy… MAUehuaehuAHEUHUA!!! 😀

Well anyway, wanna share with you guys this “Asam Pedas” thingy my wifey brought me to… & the restaurant is in Pontian… Why am I on that side of the map? So here’s a short story for it…

Ade kematian kat Pontian. Suami kepada Kak Jaja, my wife’s colleague at UiTM meninggal dunia pada Friday yang lepas, malam… So that night tak sempat nk pegi tengok kat Specialist Hospital Johor Bahru because the family bawak balik mayat suami Kak Jaja ke Pontian malam tu jugak.. Kalau tidak wifey kate memang nk gi tengok kat Hospital… so tak sempat…

Then on the next day which is Saturday, we drove all the way to Pontian to attend the funeral. It was at Ayer Baloi which was not found in my GPS device. Thank god  there’s my wife’s colleauge Kak Hajar to guide us to the house. So after the funeral at about 10+ am, we went to Kak Hajar’s Restaurant for breakfast and lunch.

Me and wifey had ayam masak kicap,  sayur kailan if i’m not mistaken, some wierd frankfurter thingy and asam pedas ikan kembung. I personally love the ayam masak kicap & the asam pedas although i’m not really a fan… i tell you the taste is simply delicious lah! serious… i mean the gravy of the ayam masak kicap & asam pedas.. MmmMmMm… sedap!

I did took a couple of pictures of the restaurant in case you guys wanna find it yourself…

Restoran Asam Pedas Kak Hajar
Restoran Asam Pedas Kak Hajar
It's 10am, still early...
It's 10am, still early...
The Asam Pedas
The Asam Pedas
Mummy enjoying her meal...
Mummy enjoying her meal...

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