No… it’s not the movie trailer for another suit of Transporter movie. Nope… It’s just a short clip of me and ma’ hommies on a buggy/cart ride from East Ledang Phase 2 show houses to Nusajaya Centre. A deadly ride if you asked me. Imagine me standing at the back with one hand holding on the buggy/cart… & another holding a cell phone taking this video… with Zul Lanun on the driver’s seat… oh God bless on my soul…


9 thoughts on “TRaNSPoRTeR 4 – THe DeaDLY BuGGY”

  1. Hi, would appreciate you dropping me a line, want to ask some questions about East Ledang etc as i am looking to buy a house in Johore, close to Tuas link. Your pictures look nice and ive been doing some search on the net but rather confused. Would really appreciate your help… need info on the site, the developer and cost of a corner house etc.

    Muchas Gracias!

    1. hi Linee… thanks for dropping a comment… regarding on your question… you can actually refer to their website at… or maybe if you’re free… you can drop by at our office here in Nusajaya Centre… the sales team will be more than happy to assist you… 😀

    2. Hi Linee, if u r considering east ledang, just be careful before u sign any documents. If what they promise u is not in black & white don’t sign. They don’t deliver what they promised.

      1. Hi Alfiyah,

        did u get any bad response from the marketing & sales team of east ledang? if u did, i’m really sorry about it. could you please clarify on the issues that you’re facing with them? if there’s anything that i can help you with… i will gladly help… 🙂

  2. assalamualaikum
    saya cuba tengok website east ledang tapi hanya ada foto dan floor plan untuk fasa 1. saya tengok di sini encik ada foto fasa 2. encik ada floor plan fasa 2 untuk dikongsi?
    saya ada satu soalan kalau bumi beli lot non-bumi, masih boleh dapat discount bumi tak?

  3. hehe bro,

    you really sound like a Singaporean dgn your dok and “eh patah bodoh nanti” LoL

    I’ve friends at larkin perdana there and they don’t speak like you do…are you another Singaporean who ran?

    this house interest me,only if they’ll build garage like those you see in the US

    1. living really close to singapore… watching channel 5 & suria channel almost everyday since i was very little… makes you wonder where did i get all those SG slang way of talking… ehehehehhe… almost every weekend i will be in singapore visiting/hanging out/chill with my friends there… don’t mention the shopping! 😀 my wife loves to shop (windows shopping/ mall hopping/ etc) in singapore… even though the rate is damn high now… 2.40…

      great to know that you’re interested in east ledang development… will get the marketing & sales guys to do a follow up on you aight… 🙂 thanks for your comment Azhar!

  4. hi mojaro,
    Fasa 2 dilancar bulan May sekarang bulan October. Fasa 1 mereka bilang dah sold out. Mungkin saya rasa web designer eastledang cuti panjang kot. Atau pun mereka fikir website tu tak penting untuk mereka meraih lebih penjualan.

  5. Hi Mojaro, Alfiyah;

    I have already ask our marketing & sales team to do a follow up on your request long ago. I believe they have already contacted you to clarify your enquiries & questions. I will ask the marketing & sales team to do a follow up on your enquiries & questions just in case. 😀 thank you for your comments… always happy to help…

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