10 WeeKS, 6 DaYS…

Evening guys… wazzup ya’ll? haven’t heard from me for a while heh? been bz with stuff actually… had a very tiring wednesday in KL… which got myself caught with an intense case of headache and fever… i think i’m a bit better now… hey i’m not gonna talk about work here… my baby… our baby is 10 weeks & 6 days old… according to Dr. Noraini.. I wasn’t there when wifey had her checkup done… I was in a seminar at the Paragorn Hotel… when i get back, wifey showed me the ultrascan pictures and a CD of 4d images of our baby… kewl innit? technology does help your life better… 🙂

it does make us smile right? 🙂


4 thoughts on “10 WeeKS, 6 DaYS…”

  1. baby syg….. mummy syggggg dia…. soryyy mummy tension, tertekan semalam…. bile mummy tgk baby…. mummyyyy rase nak nangis je….. baby mummyyyy yg mummmy tunggu selamae ni….. .mummyyyy tak saba nak tgk baby nanti…. teman mummyyyy ye sygggg……

  2. boleh bgtu u buat4d scan tu kt mna..? coz i percaya ramai yg masih tertanya2 kt mna nk dapat kn service ni termasuk my wife sendiri..

    terima kasih….

    1. salam azizul. thanks for dropping by. 4D scan tu buat kat Puteri Specialist Hospital Johor Bahru. Boleh jumpe Dr. Noraini atau Dr. Laila untuk dapatkan consultation. 🙂

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