Hey guys… sorry for the delay… I promised to upload more pictures yesterday evening but I was too busy with stuff I forgot about it… 😀 MAEuhAUehAUHe!!! Sorry… well anyway, here are the 2nd set of the pictures I took during the event.
























So… that’s it! These are all the pictures I got… Hope you guys enjoy it… 🙂


18 thoughts on “SuMMeR FeSTiViTieS @ TRaNQuiLiTY PaRK, eaST LeDaNG – ReTuRNS”

  1. good pictures..
    I am keen to iskandar. Reading a lot of information.
    Ledang is impressive.

    Just wonder the prices?? any idea?

    We can keep in touch for any live information exchange

    1. Price? East Ledang is our so called luxurious development… So the price is quite expensive compared to other housing development in Johor Bahru/Nusajaya market. The latest launch which is the Twin Villas and the Resort Bungalow has a price tag of around RM900K to RM2mil… Surprised? Everybody does… But the design, quality & workmanship is very, very top notch. The land area itself is very big compared to other development of it’s kind. You can contact the sales people for more info or go to the development website at Anyway, I would be glad to help… 🙂

    1. I’m afraid I don’t have those linked duplex units pictures. But hey, you can always come and visit us here in Nusajaya Centre to see our show units. If I was not mistaken the price range vary from RM400K to RM600K. Feel free to contact the Marketing & Sales team if you would like to know more. I can assure you, you will be amazed at the houses, cause in my personal opinion if I have the loot (which I currently don’t have) I will personally bought a house in East Ledang. Owh by the way the East Ledang Residence Clubhouse which is codenamed “The Ledang” is near completion. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s going to be in place there – a spa, gym, free high speed internet access, restaurant, cafe’, a “water fall outside the pool” swimming pool, karaoke, meeting room, romantic suites, & a lot more… kewl eh?

      1. How’s the surrounding now?
        Is that still under developed?
        Just want to know how soon this place can be inhibitant.

      2. HMmMmMm… from what I heard from the marketing & sales team… the Nusa Idaman development is almost sold out… the new phase which was launched last Sunday (Super Sunday) if I’m not mistaken… Kota Iskandar is already up & running… the people from Bukit Timbalan (Johor State Administration Office) is now moving to Kota Iskandar (new Johor State Administration Office)… East Ledang Clubhouse is almost complete… The Strip Mall named Anjung is also almost complete… show houses of the upcoming luxury apartment is also almost complete… the Medini project is really kicking up… the Puteri Harbour which you might already know is already in business… boats from around the world are coming in… & yes… i believe the surrounding area is still not dense since most of the projects is not yet complete… but imagine Nusajaya in the years to come… the environment… the lifestyle… You have heard of the Lego Land that will be built in Nusajaya didn’t you? Internally we’re gonna complete the Nusajaya Security Blueprint which will be the benchmark of neighborhood/township security system in South East Asia… if you need more information or maybe a site visit to all of these projects and the show houses… please come over to Nusajaya Centre… our doors are always open… 🙂

      3. I was looking forward for east ledang phase2 after viewing ph1. But it was a very, very big dissapointment. Inferior quality and shoddy workmanship. I was promised of higher quality since it is more expensive than ph1. But i guess UEM is trying to cut corners.

      4. How is the price for ph2?
        um… maybe down turn cause developer to cut.

        normally the first phase will be perfect. To attrack more people to buy. Then the rest of the phase will be not so quality.

  2. Radzi,
    Thanks for posting this. Great stuffs.
    Post more, i have chance to understand east redang development sitting in front of computer in Puchong, Selangor.

    Thanks, will sure go and have a look.

  3. Both. ID is not that important. The make is where you have to live with it. But i heard it was due to a rushed job and they are re-doing
    the showhouse. I only hope that structurely they are safe.

    1. true alfiyah… the east ledang team was rushing to get the show houses done… from what i heard… all the IDs were done at 2 days time only… don’t worry alfiyah… i can assure you the finish product will be as pleasing as the name itself… east ledang…

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