iT’S 7:33pm & i’M STiLL @ THe oFFiCe… *SiGH*

It’s been a while since I step my feet at UEM Mercu… The last time I was here, the lifts are still crowded with building contractors & looked like a box of thin wood going up & down the building. Man time travels fast!

My day started at Senai Airport where I missed my early 7:00am flight. I have to pay 100 bucks as a penalty for not being on time. Dammit! Lucky I can still board the next flight to KL.

Then as I reach the hotel, my name was not in the reservation list! Sheeeshhh! I thought everything was done yesterday… Somebody has forgotten to book my hotel room…

To make things worst, my cell’s battery was out! So I need to use the payphone to call up the guys at the office asking them on my hotel reservation. Luckily she helped me arranged everything. So then at last, I managed to checked into my room.

So here I am… @ the office… entertaining my servers… 1 more day to go… so guys… say hello to your creator! MAEUhAUEHuAHEUhAUEhAU!!! 😛


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