HaRi 6 Di SiNGaPoRe

Last Saturday, my baby & me went to Singapore. After years and years I finally step my foot on the other side of the Selat Tebrau. A clean country compared to ours. Even their bus station are clean! What a wonderful view if our country is as clean as theirs. Well anyway, we were rushing to Singapore because it was raining that day. If I’m not mistaken it was 11 am when we’re arrived at the Singapore imigration.

Waiting for the bus
Waiting for the bus...

I was enjoying my view plus remembering the roads on the way to Rocho. Again I was impressed, this time round by the well maintained roads. The roads are smooth man, no holes, no sudden bumps or whatever. Again I imagine how wonderful it would be if Malaysian roads are built like this.

We finally reached Rocho at around 11:30am because there was a slight jam somewhere. Then we go straight to McDonalds to have our so called breakfast. We are really hungry!

At McDonalds
Had a quick breakfast at McDonalds near Rocho/Bugis


Catch of the day!


After the quick breakfast, we head straight to Bugis Junction. Window shopping! My lovely wife loves to windows shop… Price wise, a bit expensive compared to ours but we can find lots of things we can never find in M’sia. Then we hop on the MRT to Orchard… This is where the real journey begins!

at Taka
At Takashimaya


LV ya'll! well, from the outside of course... Heh!


Walking to Far East Plaza for lunch... Hungry again...


We ate at some stall in Far East Plaza. I had my fried seafood noodles and my baby had Crispy noodles. It was delicious! Price wise… Malaysia is still the cheapest! Far East Plaza is kinda like Holiday Plaza in JB or Sungai Wang Plaza in KL.

I was attracted to the flashing lights.

baby with lights

Then we went to Suntec City… I was looking for And1 shoes. The only place I can find And1 shoes are at Peninsular Shopping Complex. Tapi ragu2 la beb… takut cap ayam.



Ambik gamba skit... 🙂

We are really tired that day… mane taknye… giler banyak shopping complex pegi daaaa… we finish our day at Burger King. Dinner… then balik JB at about 10:30pm, I guess… Kitorang sakit2 kaki that day… sampai rumah, terus lepak… Next time boleh pegi lagi… maybe I should drive… 🙂


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