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I promised to update you guys on my trip to Bali. Haven’t got the chance to actually sit down and have a quiet time to write a full review. But don’t worry. I’ll find time.

See you guys on the next post! :-P

Siri bercakap dgn surf board

Greetings from Bali!

The time is now 11:02PM local time and I’m sleepy.

hari 6 di singapore

Just came back from Singapore. Tired. But fun. Arwen was out of control. She was everywhere! The good thing is, she’s happy. That’s what matters most. :)

Had a lovely char kuey teow @ the banquet, vivocity. A must whenever I’m there.

Will update about the trip later, I really need a sleep. So goodnight!

HaRi 6 Di SiNGaPuRa: aRWeN’s 1ST TiMe!

Just came back from Singapore with wifey & Arwen. Tired.

Buka puasa @ The Ledang, Nusajaya

Last Wednesday wifey & her office mates organized a buka puasa at The Ledang, Nusajaya just opposite my office. I heard great things about this place. Mostly about the food. So, it’s a good time to test it out then.

In my previous entry, I have publish the Ramadhan buffet promotion at The Ledang. So guys, if you’re into Ramadhan buffet. Go ahead. It is worth every penny. So the promotion is like this, RM 100 for 2 pax + 2 pax free! If you do the math it’s RM 25 for 4 pax. It’s cheap, right? You might say, cheap price, maybe the food is also cheap. Well you are wrong. It’s not like those Ramadhan buffet in Singgah Selalu or JB Catering, this is a proper hotel/resort establishment ya’ll! Owh BTW, The Ledang is a clubhouse for East Ledang & Ledang Heights residences.

I didn’t bring my camera along that day. Jawer, this guy from wifey’s workplace take some pictures. No pictures of the food though, just people; happy, stuffed people. :)

The Ledang

The Ledang

The Ledang

Check out the food on the table man...

The Ledang

The ones who joined

The Ledang

gelpren Firdaus koooootttttt...

The Ledang

I wonder why the table is clear

The Ledang

The name on the table is the one in peach

The Ledang

Arwen! :)

The Ledang

Mummy! :)

The Ledang

Arwen buat muke... ehhehehe...

The Ledang

Ma' lovely family

The Ledang

Balek laaaaa...

The Ledang

Senyum kenyang

The Ledang

Beraksi sebelom balek

There you go! Hopefully to be here again, so I can shoot some food pictures! :) Anyway, selamat berbuka puasa to everybody.

BuKa PuaSa: The Ledang, Nusajaya

Buffet Ramadhan @ The Ledang, Nusajaya promo.

The Ledang Buffet

Ramadhan Buffet Promo @ The Ledang, Nusajaya

BaZaaR RaMaDHaN: roti john

hari ni aku nk carik roti john yg boleh diangkat sebagai roti john hikmat alam semesta. roti john ni mesti lembut & sloppy. tak perlu letak blackpepper sauce… tak perlu fancy2 sangat… originality yg penting…

Roti John

Roti John - Gambar Hiasan


Semalam tak dapat carik roti john yang best kat bazaar Ramadhan Stadium Larkin. ramai orang so tak dapat nk belek betul2 juadah2 yang terjual kat situ. nampak sipi2 jer… ahahahhaa… yg aku dapat perbezaan, price of the food some ade yang dah naik harga. yelah, macam2 dah naik harge… orang meniaga pun mestila nk naikkan harge makanan, utk cover cost diorang beli bahan mentah/etc…. well anyway… variety of food to choose from… make sure you bring enough cash… :)


i’m on leave today… tired… very… very… tired… just need some time to rest… a good rest…

brought arwen to my dad’s house… he is so happy to see arwen… this is the first time he sees arwen after she was born… :) seeing he’s happy face… makes me happy too i almost cried… the house reminds me so much of my late mother… i wish mama was around to see arwen grow up…

had nasi ambang for lunch… at my dad’s house… lame gile tak kena nasi ambang UDA…

after that we went to the clinic near shop houses jalan padi… hari ni arwen berkhatan (sunat)… masyarakat kite selalu cakap sunat… arwen nangis sikit je tadi… she’s indeed a very good girl… pastu dah tak nangis dah… pandai anak daddy… then beli pau kat area situ… sedap pau kat situ… bikin sendiri punye pau… satu 50sen… sedap wooo… next time aku amik gamba… kedai pau (bole ke panggil kedai sebab die pakai moto jer) tu reminds aku a lot pade satu gerai pau kat batu lima (batu 5) tampoi… dulu mase aku kecik, my dad used to bawak aku gi gerai ni utk beli pau die… pau die sangatlah best! size die takla sebesar pau zaman sekarang ni… tepung je lebih tapi inti kurang… sungguh kurang sopan… tapi sayang aku dah tak jumpe lagi dah gerai pau tu… my dad ckp orang tu dah meninggal & anak2 die perempuan so takde sape yg warisi skill die buat pau tu… gosh… rugi kan? aku rase kalau pau die masih ade sekarang ni… confirm takde pau roslan tu semua… pau die akan dijadikan standard utk pau2 lain… serious… sorry… carried over plak… anyway… u guys have to try it… takla sedap giler tapi… brings back memories of how pau used to taste & look…

then kitorang balik umah… rehat… solat… mandi… etc…

relaxing thursday… wanna hit the bed early today to enjoy thursday.. :)

JaLaN2 CaRi MaKaN: RoTi JoHN

Roti John has been one of my favorite food since I taste it during my childhood… a very… very long time ago… one of the best Roti John i’ve tasted so far is my late mom’s roti john… there are a couple though in Bandar Baru UDA & pasar malam larkin which serves authentic roti john, not those with black pepper sauce & such; but none can compare to my late mom’s roti john… i’ve yet to perfect the art of making roti john, but as always i will try to experiment with the knowledge that i learned from my late mom… :)

a perfect roti john should be thick with eggs, not the bread… even the bread itself must be choose wisely… the softer the bread… the better… not too much  mince meat… just enough to make you crave for more… the spices should be really mild because you don’t want your roti john to taste like garlic bread or any spiced bread… a perfect roti john is tasty even without the mayonnaise & chilli sauce… in fact with mayonnaise & chilli sauce, it will create a very beautiful sensation on your taste buds… yeap! trust me on this… this is the perfect… authentic roti john!

if you happen to be in Johor Bahru, try to find these authentic roti john experts;

1. a stall near Taman Permainan Padi Ria, Bandar Baru UDA
2. a stall at Pasar Malam Larkin, his stall is always near to Yong Tau Foo stall (Sunday only)

JaLaN2 CaRi MaKaN: GeRai aBG MaN

hey evening guys… sorry for not updating regularly these days… i’m tight with werk stuff… it’s nearing end of the year… a lot of stuff to do to finish up my KPI scorecard… yeah… KPI dawgs… need to fulfill them every end of the year… BTW wifey’s @ 36/37 weeks now… her due is expected @ 30th Nov 2009 which is just around the corner… i’m gonna be a dad!!! hopefully a good dad… most of the preparation has been made… baby stuff… mummy stuff… you name it… :D

am not gonna talk more on that… back to the subject… Gerai Abg Man is situated in Taman Pelangi… just beside Maybank Taman Pelangi… it is open after Maghrib prayers until 12-1am depending on the flow of customers… most popular food is his all time favorite nasi goreng timbus… timbus means covered in malay language… so you got a choice of chicken, mutton or meat to be timbus… :D his mee muar is very famous too among the customers… satay is not bad… normal price for everything ordered is RM4.00. used to be RM2.50 for everything but that was back at 2001/2002 if i remembered correctly… but no worries… i assure you will be amazed on the quantity of the food you ordered… it is massive! i mean a lot! you can actually save some cash! just buy a plate of nasi goreng timbus… or bihun goreng or mee goreng mamak or kuey teow kerang or nasi goreng kampung… or whatever & share it with your friend… the quantity of the food is enough for 2 persons… trust me it’s true… you got to try it for yourself… taste wise… HMmMMmm… 3 out of 5… if you love the old “Hard Rock” at Jalan Wong Ah Fook… you’re so gonna love this… owh BTW… there’s another stall which sells drinks & roti canai too…


Abg man… the cook… has passed away 2 days before hari raya korban… al-Fatihah buat Allahyarham Abg Man… semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat oleh-Nya… amin…

Abg Man... a really fast cook

Abg Man... a really fast cook

That's his wife... don't know her name, just call her akak...

That's his wife... don't know her name, just call her akak...

open space... a view from where i stand that day...

open space... a view from where i stand that day...


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